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Public Involvement Plan (310 CMR 40.1404)

Public Involvement Plan (310 CMR 40.1404)

Any disposal site that has been classified as either Tier I or Tier II may be eligible for designation as a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) site. A petition requesting that a site be designated as a PIP site must be submitted to the party responsible for conducting the response action at the disposal site and to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The petition must be signed by ten or more residents of a municipality in which the site is located or potentially affected by.

The public involvement process serves two objectives:

  • to inform the public about the risks posed by the disposal site, the status of response actions, the availability of Technical Assistance Grants, and opportunities for public involvement; and
  • to solicit the concerns of the public about the disposal site and response actions, and consider, address and, where relevant and material to the response action, incorporate these concerns in planning response actions.

03.Public Involvement Plan

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