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Tier I Permit Classification (310 CMR 40.0510)

Tier I Permit Classification (310 CMR 40.0510)

The Tier I Permit Classification process consists of:

  • the completion of a Phase I Report;
  • the completion of a Numerical Ranking System Scoresheet;
  • a comparison of conditions at a disposal site with the Tier I Inclusionary Criteria; and
  • the preparation and filing with the Department of a Tier Classification Submittal..

Tier I Permit application filed with the Department include the following:

  • a Tier Classification transmittal form, Permit Application and Payment;
  • the compliance history;
  • the tearsheet(s) from the newspaper(s) containing the legal notice to the public with the date of the publication and name of the newspaper and statement affirming that notice was submitted for publication in the Environmental Monitor;
  • a copy of the cover letter and notices submitted to the Chief Municipal Officer(s) and Board(s) of Health;
  • the certification of the Primary Representative; and
  • a list of all Status Reports, Phase Reports, or Completion Statements for any response actions that are in progress or have been completed
  • an LSP Tier Classification Opinion;
  • one of the following:
    • a Phase II Scope of Work; or
    • a Conceptual Scope of Work that includes a general plan for assessing contaminants of concern, potential receptors and potential exposure pathways, identifying the likely technical approach(es) to be used, a projected schedule that includes interim milestones, and an estimate of the cost.

Tier I Inclusionary Criteria. The score a disposal site receives using the Numerical Ranking System serves as the basis for the LSP Tier Classification, however, any disposal site which meets any of the following criteria are classified as Tier I, regardless of the score such disposal site receives using the Numerical Ranking System:

  • there is evidence of groundwater contamination with oil and/or hazardous material at concentrations equal to or exceeding the applicable RCGW-1 Reportable Concentration, and such groundwater is located within an Interim Wellhead Protection Area or Zone II; or
  • any disposal site at which an Imminent Hazard is present at the time of Tier Classification.

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