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Phase II - Comprehensive Site Assessment (310 CMR 40.0830)

Phase II - Comprehensive Site Assessment (310 CMR 40.0830)

A Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment includes the collection, development and evaluation of sufficient information determine:

  • the source, nature, extent, and potential impacts of releases of oil and/or hazardous material;
  • the risk of harm posed by the disposal site to health, safety, public welfare and the environment; and
  • the need to conduct remedial actions at the disposal site.

The following outcomes are possible upon completion of a Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment:

  • Comprehensive Remedial Actions are necessary at the site to achieve a Response Action Outcome and a Phase III study for the identification, evaluation and selection of Comprehensive Remedial Action Alternatives is initiated; or
  • the requirements of a Class A or Class B Response Action Outcome have been met, and a Response Action Outcome Statement supported by information provided in the Phase II report is submitted to the Department.

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